Your kitchen saviour

The art of cooking and come dine with me occasions with our friends and family is on the increase. Whether you’re a dynamic budding chef or a novice entertaining friends, spills are an inevitable consequence of our cooking masterpieces.

For the best kitchen hand that doesn’t talk back and just gets on with the job in hand Thirst Pockets is a must for any budding chef. Strong and absorbent, Thirst Pockets is on hand to tackle any spoon spill allowing you to concentrate on producing a culinary masterpiece fit for a king or queen.

  • Put a sheet of Thirst Pockets in the bottom of fruit punnets to absorb moisture & keep fruit fresh for longer
  • Line your vegetable bins with Thirst Pockets. They absorb the moisture that causes your fruit and veg to rot. Makes cleaning your bin easier too.
Regina Your kitchen saviour Image