Looking after your home with Thirst Pockets

When tackling your everyday cleaning chores or those spillages around the home always have Thirst Pockets at hand. Help protect and restore your home with Thirst Pockets as an alternative to cloths that can be unhygenic and gather germs.

Thirst Pockets is a household saviour that acts fast, its strong and super absorbent when tackling these chores. No mess, minimum effort and no germs.

Acting like a cloth Thirst Pockets allows you to hygenically deal with a spill with minimum amount of sheets.

  • Stop rust from invading your prized collection of cast-iron pots. After they’re clean, place a paper towel in each to absorb any moisture. Store lids separately from the pots, separated by a lining of paper towels.
Regina Looking after your home with Thirst Pockets Image