A super absorbency to handle any spills

Whether it’s wiping your child’s mouth during lunch or protecting your clothes from food spills at dinner at Thirst Pockets we have the tools to make life a little easier. Your saviour is our kitchen towel range who is the ultimate helping hand that is strong and absorbent. Thirst Pockets isn’t only a practical assistant it can be at the core of fun and creating last memories. Why not take some time out and create some beautiful colourful butterflies or a windmill to place in the garden.

  • When preparing the dining table for dinner or kids birthday party use paper towels as napkins to protect clothes and mop up those sticky fingers and mouths.
  • Why not place Thirst Pockets under your tablecloth to catch any of that nasty food and drink spills and help protect your table.
Regina A super absorbency to handle any spills Image